Agenda and Documents for Agenda Items National Reports

Final Agenda

List of registrants

Zip file of all presentations

Agenda item 5.1: AIC Report on Status of Argo

AIC Status Report

Agenda item 5.2: Update commitments table

Commitments Table for AST-14

Agenda item 5.3: Float deployment opportunities

JCOMMOPS Deployment Opportunities

Agenda item 5.4: Follow up to ASW-4 Round Table

4th Argo Science Workshop Summary

Document from ATC counting number of proposed enhancement floats

Argo in the Marginal Seas

Argo in the Equatorial Pacific

Agenda item 5.5: Bio-Argo/BioGeoChemical Argo

Bio-Argo presentation

Agenda item 5.9: Argo India

Report on Argo in India

Agenda item 5.10: Argo China

Report on Argo in China

Agenda item 6.1: Feedback from ADMT-13

Feedback from ADMT-13

Agenda item 6.2: Trajectory data, status and pathway forward

Trajectory status update

ANDRO update

Agenda item 6.3: CCHDO/NODC activity/reference database

Feedback from CCHDO/NODC

Agenda item 6.4: Status of the US GDAC

US GDAC Status

Agenda item 7.1: M. Bowen's science presentation

Assessing mean dynamic topography in two boundary currents from in situ and satellite data

Agenda item 7.2: K. Ridgway's science presentation

Aspects of the water masses and circulation in the southwest Pacific from Argo data

Agenda item 7.3: Bluelink/Decadal Modes

O'Kane's presentation

Agenda item 7.4: The SEREAD Project


Agenda item 7.5: Pacific Island GOOS and Argo

Report on PI-GOOS

Agenda item 7.6: Engaging students' interest and enthusiasm for Argo

Argo and Kids

Agenda item 7.7: South African deployment opportunities and feedback on Argo related research and educational initiatives

T. Morris's presentation on South African Argo

Agenda item 7.8: Mon ocean et moi website

"Mon ocean et moi" presentation

Agenda items 8.1: Float technology progress

Navis floats

NOVA floats

SOLO2 & S2A floats

Agenda items 8.2: Salinity drift in Argo floats

SBE Salinity Drift presentation

Agenda items 8.3: Progress on a CTD for Deep Argo

SBE Deep CTD presentation

Agenda item 8.5: Deep Argo float progress


Deep Arvor



Agenda item 8.6: Status of ARGOS constellation

Report from Y. Bernard

Agenda item 8.7: Standardized sampling for Iridium Argo floats; Bin-averaging/spot sampling

Report from J. Gilson

Agenda item 9.2: Argo bibliography

Update on Argo bibliography

Agenda item 9.3: Google Ocean

Argo in Google Earth

Agenda item 9.4: Argonautics Newsletter

Argonautics update

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